인증 및 수상내역, 주요기술 및 주요성분소개


ISO 22716
: Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

BIO-FD&C Co., Ltd. is an ISO 22716 certified company.
ISO 22716 is a global standard guideline for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the cosmetics manufacturing industry.


    In the field of biology research and development for healthy skin, We are developing
    world-top class research technology and new products.

    - R&D in physiologically active recombinant proteins such as anti-wrinkle, whitening,
    antioxidant, and antibacterial activities • R&D in biomimetic peptides as cosmetics ingredients

    - R&D in plant callus as cosmetics ingredients

    - R&D in cosmetics ingredients for hair

    - R&D in atopic dermatitis and various skin diseases improvement cosmetics ingredients

    - R&D in human stem cells and inducers

  • 건강한 피부를 위한 생물학 제제 연구개발 분야에서 세계최고 수준의 연구기술과 신제품 개발을 수행하고 있습니다.

    - 항주름, 미백, 항산화, 항균등 높은 생리활성 재조합 단백질 연구개발
    - 생체유사펩타이드 뷰티 소재 연구개발
    - 식물캘러스 뷰티 소재 연구개발
    - 모발 소재 연구개발
    - 아토피 피부염 및 각종 피부질환 개선 소재 개발
    - 인간 성체줄기세포 및 유도물질 연구개발


  • INNO-BIZ company appointment

    No 9075-0003 by Small and Medium Business Administration in APR 12, 2012 TO APR 11, 2015

  • Venture company certification

    No 20090100010 by Kibo Acquired in Dec 04, 2012 TO DEC 3, 2014

  • Research institute certification

    I : Medical Nanomaterial Institute (MNI : Hwasun) / II : Anti-Aging Institute (AAI : Incheon)

  • ISO 9001

    Certificate No 4098 ANZSIC Code:K7829 Acquired in AUG 19,2010 TO AUG 18, 2016

  • ISO 14001

    Certificate No 4098 ANZSIC Code:K7829 Acquired in JAN 07,2008 to JAN 06, 2016

  • Small business excellent patent management appointment
  • Jeollanamdo R&D excellent company appointment
  • 2012 Small business technology management awards (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • 2014 Good company awards
  • 2014 Promising small business appointment

Patents and Research Papers

Published Papers
A number of our active ingredients including recombinant growth
factors, plant cells and peptides have been patented.
The number of patents are as follow :
- Domestic IP : 100(registered) / 8(pending)

- Overseas IP : 8(registered(USA, Japan, Europe)
10(pending(Chine, India, etc.))

Intellectual Properties
BIO-FD&C stands on strong research and development foundation Since We Established In 2005.
Our Researchers Have Been Working On The Scientific Data That Can Ensure The Efficacy Of Our Active Ingredients.
Our R&D performance has been reflected in the Publish 105 papers.
Outstanding remarks :
Nature Nanotechnology (2017.06.IF:38.986),
Nature Communications (2016.09 IF:12.124)